Essays and Aphorisms on the Higher Man

Essays and Aphorisms on the Higher Man

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The writings of Emile Benoit are primarily works of moral, cultural, and religious criticism which attempt to find meaning in a world that seems completely devoid of it, and in a manner which relies on revelatory aphorisms rather than narrative deduction to make its argument. We all have been searching for meaning in our lives for as long as we have been alive. Yet, philosophy, religion, art, and politics have failed to provide us with answers to our many questions about our own personal existence. They've become, instead, institutions for profit, dogmatism, entertainment, or petty equivocation. Benoit addresses the issues that used to be of utmost importance to scholars and laymen alike: The answer to the question of how we should best live our lives.They are traits that have stood the test of time as being something valued by the great men of the past. These are virtues such as kindness, loyalty, humor, courage, moderation, justice, generosity, humility, tolerance, and compassion. This listanbsp;...

Title:Essays and Aphorisms on the Higher Man
Author: Emile Benoit
Publisher:Emile Benoit - 2010


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